Sundays 8:30am- 11:30am (Decoration Service)

Real worship man is created to worship. Music is not meant just to touch your soul but also your spirit. True worship will automatically bring refreshment, healing, deliverances, joy, peace and ultimately God’s presence. It is beautiful when real worship is done in n atmosphere of God’s presence, come and experience real people to the real God this Sunday.

Monday service 6:00am – 07:15am (Morning Glory)

This is when we begin the business week with the Lord. We clear the satanic pollutions on the air and command the week to produce what we want. It is period of taking charge over the week. It is early in the morning for serious minded people. You can enjoy it! This Monday!

Tuesday 06:00am- 07:15am (Word Encounter)

Many people are running from mountain to valley searching fo deliverance, yet they are not delivered. This is because true and lsting deliverane is a product of the word. “You shall know th truh and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32. When yur reaction is a product of revelation, it will produce manifestation. Be there on Tuesday, for an interdenominational teaching service You will enoy it.

Friday Vigil 10:00pm (Wonder Night)

The battle is not over if you can still pray! At wonder night, every special case meets with special God. Many things that are happening in this world are manipulated, and many of them are done in the night. Great things happen when most people are sleeping. Come and travail, if you desire to prevail. Join us take charge.

Win the lost at any cost! This is a powerful statement of Beloved Honest Christian Church of God.

BHCCG took on the mandate to reach and care for local communities, seeking to cater for and meet the needs of the modern person. The church is a vibrant mixture of biblical authenticity and contemporary style which reflects in everything it does. Every endeavor is launched with the motto in mind and evaluates on the grounds of how people are won effectively for Christ and helped to discover the life that God has in mind for them.

People from all walks of life have made BHCCG their spiritual home and have found they did not merely join a church, but have become part of a family, because BHCCG does not only reach out to the needy through ground-breaking and innovative community projects, but also takes care of the needs of the entrepreneur, the professional, the athlete, the students, the parents, the children and every member of the society, God ministry is the refuge.