1.  You must be born again. John 10:7-9
God is committed to protect his children, not the religious or the church goers. Without Christ, the wicked will feast on you life a chicken at the peak of your success. If you’re not saved, then, you are not safe! The first step is to sincerely repent from your sins and genuinely invite Jesus in your life to be your Lord and savior. Romans 10:13.

2.  Confide in His word. Psalm 92:1-2
God’s word of assurance is the reason for confidence. Joshua 1:5, Hebrew 13:5, Deuteronomy 20:1-4, the faithfulness of his word is the backbone of our trust.

3.  Establish intimacy with him.
Learn how to take your cares, fears and needs to him in prayers. Walk closely to him in prayer. Walk closely to seeking his counsel, spending time in his word and making him top priority in your life. As you worship God, you welcome the overruling power if his presence into any situation you may face. Walking by His divine direction, guarantee His provision and protection.

4.  Declare your protection.
Keep saying what God has said concerning you and not the happening around you. Never underestimate the destructive or constructive power in your tongue. Matthew 12:34-37 talk more about your expectation and not your experiences. It is your bold declaration that will produce manifestation. Declare, it is well with me this year. The government polices shall preserve me from all evil. The Lord shall establish the work of my hands. I am empowered to prosper…Go on.

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