Then Moses said to the Lord… if your presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. And he said, my presence will go with you, and I will give you rest”. Great sweat does not equal great triumph.

The secret of enjoyment is commanding God’s attention. God’s presence guarantee rest, His absence produces pressure and stress. His presence soothes, comforts, settles, consoles, and quiets us in the midst of uncertainty. So, stay where God’s presence shall locate you all your all-round protection is guaranteed. God is a rest-giver and his presence brings joy and victory, his absence brings sorrow and defeat.
If you fight against a man with God, I’m very sure you that you will lose ultimately. No matter, how many devils, that are against you, there is a boundary that they cannot cross, once you stay with God. Psalm 109:17 please, don’t ever fight against a man with God, or you will end up fighting against your destiny. God does not have an enemy, his enemies are the enemies of his children. When you curse a man with God, the curse will only backfire. Psalm 109:27
The presence of God is what makes the difference and distinguishes one person from everyone else. The reason why so many believers are fearful is because, they are not conscious of His presence. Being conscious of his presence generate boldness. Numbers 14:6-9. My friend, if you can secure His presence, you can face tomorrow with unmatchable confidence. Think about this. Romans 8:31-39.
There is profound assurance of spiritual security for those that secure his presence.

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